Aesthetic Dentistry 

Dr. Maharaj is able to change people’s perceptions of themselves by recreating their smiles. She strives to achieve a soft balance between the symmetry and harmony of her patient’s facial features by redesigning their smiles. Her primary focus is to ensure that her patients are able to function optimally (i.e. chewing and speaking), while making sure that their smiles are ultimately improved.

The Aesthetic Dentistry Treatment Process

A comprehensive clinical and digital radiographic examination is carried out to achieve an understanding from which a detailed step-by-step plan of treatment is devised and discussed with her patients. Her process involves a show and tell of visual charts and the use of the patient’s molds to enhance patient understanding. For Dr. Maharaj, it is vital for her patients to understand the stages involved in achieving their confident smiles.

As a restorative dentist, minimally invasive dentistry is a preferred and sought-after technique by Dr. Maharaj in achieving her treatment objectives, as this allows her to preserve the structure of the teeth and protect the longevity of her treatments. She then correlates the facial features of her patients to their smile design by placing emphasis on the lip contour and its relation to the eyes and nose.
Dr. Maharaj offers full mouth rehabilitation to patients seeking out aesthetic dental treatments.


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