Implant Dentistry

A dental implant is a fixed prosthetic solution that uses a titanium anchor much like a screw, which is used to replace the root of a tooth so the dentist is able to fit a crown, bridge, or denture in the mouth.

Because the new tooth is fixed in the mouth, making it the closest thing to a new natural tooth as possible, you can care for them in much the same way you would natural teeth. No more taking your teeth out to clean, or keeping them in a glass next to your bed while you sleep. In fact, if properly fitted and seated into the bone of the jaw, patients with implants can have a similar long-term life to natural teeth, if like natural teeth, they are cared for properly.

Because dental implants restore the natural load of weight carried by the underlying bone, they prevent the type of bone loss which is often seen with dentures, where the lack of teeth causes the bone to shrink, over time making the denture harder to wear and more likely to move.
With implant dentistry, age isn’t as much a problem as it once was with dentures. Due to the protective action of implants on maintaining the bone integrity they can be fitted to over 18s as long as the bone has quality and quantity prior to the beginning of treatment.

Speak to Dr. Maharaj to find out if dental implants might be the solution your smile has been looking for.

Dental implants are ideal for the following scenarios

Trouble chewing your food

Unable to eat what you want due to worries about your teeth

Struggling with dentures that don’t fit correctly or move while eating

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