Teeth Whitening

Dr Maharaj firmly believes that your smile is worth unaccountable wealth. All of her dental treatments, including teeth whitening, are aimed at achieving healthy, confident smiles for her patients. She advises her patients to adopt a gentle approach to the teeth whitening process and as such, make use of teeth whitening products that are gentle on the structure of the teeth and the mouth.  Professional teeth whitening  is an affordable way to enhance your physical appearance without harmful side effects. 

The Teeth Whitening Process

The process of teeth whitening is not an instantaneous one. Dr Maharaj will first analyse the mouth to ensure that the patient is a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. If any cavities are present, they will need to be removed and filled in before the treatment. The process involves taking an impression of the teeth so that trays can be made to fit your mouth. A light-curing gingival mask is applied to the scalloped margins of the neck of the teeth as a gingiva protector. The next part of the process involves applying a gel to the surfaces of the teeth. After the initial whitening treatment, patients are provided with their specially designed bleaching trays, which need to be worn at night for a period time after the initial treatment. Dr Maharaj takes the time to explain to patients how the bleaching process works and also supplies additional whitening gel in syringes to be taken home and used to maintain the bright white appearance.

Trust Your Teeth Whitening to a Professional Aesthetic Dentist

Dr Maharaj carries out teeth whitening in a controlled environment ensuring a safe and effective way for patients to brighten their smiles. Many patients who opt for grocery store teeth whitening products are often disappointed at the results. Dr Maharaj recommends professional teeth whitening for a guaranteed bright, natural-looking white smile that certainly won’t disappoint.

Causes of Teeth Discolouration

Teeth discolour naturally over time with age, but you could also be causing the discolouration by drinking tea, coffee, red wine and similar. Once your teeth whitening treatment is complete, it is best to avoid food and drink that stain the teeth.
With whiter teeth, patients can smile wider and with more confidence. To find out if you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening, speak with Dr Maharaj or book an appointment with her Kloof based office today.

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As a preferred general dentist in Kloof, Dr Maharaj is well-equipped to provide primary dental care to patients of all ages. Dr Maharaj is able to diagnose, treat and manage the full scope of your oral heal care needs. Below is a brief list of the general oral care treatments she provides for the whole family.


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