Unmasking the Tooth-Fairy’s tips of a winning smile

Dental health isn’t magic, even though we spoke to the tooth fairy to get her top tips, many of them are quite common sense and border on the mundane. However, the simplicity of these tips is one of the reasons they often get overlooked when people think of steps to take to ensure they stay healthy.

Dr. Natasha Maharaj isn’t what you expect when you think of a dentist. This beaming lady, known as The Tooth Fairy, by some of her younger fans, is a bit of a superhero. Like a superhero she wears a mask, except in her case, it is a surgical mask, and her ensemble when she is working her magic includes surgical gloves. Instead of a cape, she gets the patient she is helping to wear a bib and sit in a magic chair that doesn’t fly through the air but does have secret hidden levers and buttons.

Running a dental practice in Kloof, Dr. Maharaj provides a wide range of clients access to good health through her skills as both a dentist and an educator in the essential components of dental health and hygiene. “One of the biggest things that people need to be healthy is to overcome some of the bad habits they have learned in the past,” she says. “The fallacy of waking up in the morning and sitting down to breakfast before brushing your teeth is nonsense. Digestion starts in the mouth so if you don’t clean your mouth you are allowing your food to go through the bacteria before it even enters your body,” she explains.

To make sure her patients have all the information and skills they need to look after their teeth between visits she includes education in every visit. “I spend time and educate in terms of show and tell, and do every time I see a paitent because the real aim of my work is to maintain health, to equip people with ways to maintain their good oral health so they don’t have problems in the future.”



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