Treatment Planning

Dr. Maharaj believes in working with her patients to design a treatment plan strategy that’s a good fit in terms of lifestyle and budget.

What to expect on your FIRST consultation:

Clinical examination of the Oral Cavity

i.e. assessing soft tissues & tooth structure

Radiographic examination

i.e. to assess bone health & pathology of supporting structures

Assessment of Vertical Dimension :

to ascertain the extent of grinding/bruxing

Assessment of the facial muscles

Discussion of your medical history

Oral hygiene education & oral hygiene instructions

Facial profiling

i.e to ascertain tooth & jaw alignment

Diagnostic techniques

i.e. dental moulds (for full mouth rehabilitation)

Assessment of the TMJ (temporomandibular joint)

i.e. Clicking or grating sounds

Diagnoses of any oral soft tissue changes

i.e ulcers, oral cancer &/or any oral diseases present

Full mouth Oral Hygiene

i.e. scaling and polishing

Visit Your Local Kloof Dentist for General Dentistry Treatments
As a preferred general dentist in Kloof, Dr. Maharaj is well-equipped to provide primary dental care to patients of all ages. Dr. Maharaj can diagnose, treat and manage the full scope of your oral heal care needs.


We are here to help you achieve the best dental health, the freshest smile, and a face that glows with youth and health.

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